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This type of assignment is becoming more and more popular. This is explained by the fact that the task allows you to assess not only the student's writing skills but also how well he managed to work out the given material. The main task is to present your point of view in a reasoned manner in connection with a given topic. It is logical that for argumentation it is often necessary to resort to the study of available sources of information.

It is important to understand what other researchers and scholars are writing about in their works. Then it becomes possible to form your own view of the problem and try to find a suitable argumentation. Do not give in to the first impression that it is not so difficult to write an essay of this nature. You can always turn to a reliable cheap essay writing service to make your life easier.


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Nevertheless, you still have to write a plan and conduct research on a given topic. Lack of too rigid a framework allows for a more creative approach. You can experiment with the form of information presentation, with an introductory paragraph. The essay consists of three parts: the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion (conclusions). Each of the parts is important in its own way.

You can show frantic creativity in the introductory part since this is the first thing the reader sees. The more interesting and understandable it is, the more likely the reader will like the rest of the content. You can share personal experiences, retell a story you've read about, tell an anecdote, etc. There are no restrictions unless the teacher himself says about their presence.


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Essays are of different types. They differ in the main tasks that you need to cope with during the process of writing an essay. In some it is a description of an object or person, in others, it is an analytical analysis of a literary work. It is important to clarify what type of essay involves the task and build on this information. Also, the teacher may ask to use certain literature when writing the work. This means that all citations and definitions should be taken only from the indicated sources.

Don't overlook the editing process. Nothing can spoil the first impression of a job more than the presence of grammatical and spelling errors. If for several reasons you cannot proofread and edit the text yourself, you can turn to the professionals.